Friday, March 24, 2017

A Scandalous Matter (Magic of Love #3) / Margaret Locke / 416 pgs

Amara Mattersley, the sister of a duke, living in 1813, is tired of living underneath the shadow of a scandal. She will never live down the shame of what she did six years ago, and her shame not only affects her, but also the marriage prospects of her younger sisters. Her only choice is to do what only one other person she knows has done, travel in time to where her true loves awaits. Meanwhile, in 2016, Matthew Goodson, a computer science professor working at the University of Virginia has no clue who this young, naive, beautiful woman he just met is, but he finds himself more attracted to her than to any other woman he has met before.
I enjoyed the time travel aspect of it, but realized late that this is the third book in a trilogy, and though I was able to follow the story well enough, there were multiple references to things that had happened in the previous books.

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