Wednesday, December 14, 2016

All the Missing Girls/ Megan Miranda/ 368 pages

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda is a mystery story with a twist.  Nicolette Farrell has come home to Cooley Ridge, North Carolina, ten years after the disappearance of her friend Corine.  Recently engaged to lawyer, Everett, she packs up her belongings, sublets her apartment and drives home to help prepare her father's home for sale.  Her Dad has been moved to assisted living, his funds are almost gone, and he has sent her an odd letter about Corine.  Shortly after Nic arrives, a second girl disappears just as Corine.  Nic, her brother Daniel, and ex boyfriend Tyler work together to solve the mystery of the vanished girls.  The twist is that the book follows the story backward.  Once Nic arrives in Cooley Ridge the countdown begins with Day 15 and works backward to Day 1 and the final result.  Using this trick makes the story more compelling as more details fall into place to clarify what  has come before.

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