Monday, November 28, 2016

Lord of the Flies / William Golding / 285 pages

This is one of those classics that pops up in pop culture so often, I just wanted to see what all the hype was about.  I REALLY wanted to like this book, but I just didn't.  Perhaps I am the wrong audience, being an adult female.  I sympathized with Piggy, trying so hard to make friends with Ralph at the beginning.  I sort of knew enough about the book to know that it wasn't going to end up well - it was like a train wreck that you are horrified to watch, but just can't step away from.

My husband seemed to have fond memories of it, so the book does appeal to some people.  There are some themes about friendship, the use of masks to justify behaviors, and the importance of working together that could be used an educational justification of reading the book in the classroom.  I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of 12 unless you're counting on the darker elements going over the child's head.

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