Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dollhouse: a Novel/ Fiona Davis/ 289pages

The Dollhouse: a Novel, written by Fiona Davis takes place in a dual time track.  Darby McLaughlin has arrived at the Barbizon Hotel for women in 1952 to pursue a career in stenography.  It's 2016 and Rose Lewin has moved into her boyfriend's condo in the newly refurbished Barbizon.  Rose discovers a elderly woman living on the fourth floor in a rent controlled apartment made available to the long time Barbizon residents.  Through an odd series of events, Rose and Darby's lives intertwine around the care of Darby's dog and Roses hope to tell the story of the Barbizon's longtime residents.  Rose begins to unravel the mystery of jazz club coat check girl, a terrible death and Darby herself.  It takes a few chapters to get into the swing of the parallel story line, but soon the reader is entrenched in both stories.  It was a nice look at the culture and lifestyles of 1950.

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