Saturday, November 26, 2016

Halfway to the Grave / Jeaniene Frost / 358 pgs

1421990      Catherine Crawford (aka Cat), is a half vampire / half human, or in other words, a human with supernatural strength and fast healing abilities, that spends her evenings hunting and killing vampires. Cat is in search of her "father", the man that attacked her mother and resulted in her creation; in order to confront and remove him from the face of the earth.
      Her "hunting vampires" methods though are a little on the impractical side, as she pretty much has to dress and act like a prostitute in order to lure vampires out of seedy clubs in order get them alone where she can quickly kill and dispose of them.   While on one of her hunts, Cat meets master vampire Bones, who is cocky, sexy, and British.  Bones is also hunting Vampires who have committed major crimes against humans, so they team up.  (and of course sparks start to fly).

This spicy paranormal romance are for fans of the genre that know what they are in for.  It is fast- paced, with a lot of banter between Cat and Bones and gory battles with criminal vampires.  I would say this book is like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer - for Adults".  (ie strong female lead, vampire hunting, love dynamic between vampire and vampire hunter.)

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