Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fight Club 2 / Chuck Palahniuk / 256 pgs

25614994Ten years after the events in the first novel, the protagonist (aka Jack/Travis/Tyler), is now married to Marla and has a regular job and a kid.  He lives a mundane life and keeps his alter-ego/split personality (Tyler Durden) at bay through heavy medication.  However, Tyler is starting to resurface, and Project Mayhem is ramping up again.  This is a revisit to Tyler's crazy fight club world, which is a sarcastic, satirical look at our materialistic world.  Being a graphic novel only visually highlights the bizarre images and situations that Palahniuk describes in his books.       Fans of the first book (and/or movie) will enjoy this continuation; the rest will probably feel out of the loop and lost reading this strange, winding story. 

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