Thursday, September 15, 2016

Scarecrow / Michael Connelly 432 p.

Jack McElvoy (The Poet) has just been given his pink slip from the the LA Times.  He decides to go out in a burst of glory by writing about a teenager's drop into crime from growing up in poverty.  When he investigates the murder he finds that the teenager's confession is bogus.  When he links the LA murder to another, he is again linked with Rachel Walling, FBI agent.  Together they hunt for a serial killer as manipulative, smart, devious, and cunning as the Poet.  Before Jack even realizes just what he is up against, the Scarecrow strikes.  Jack's identity is stolen.  He finds himself in an isolated area without bank accounts, credit cards, and cell phones. The Scarecrow has been flying so low below police radar that no one has a clue about him.  Connelly skillfully interweaves the death of the newspapers with the romance of McElvoy and Walling and the investigation.  The Scarecrow's side is interspersed into the story, too.  Even without Harry Bosch, this is one of Connelly's best.
Scarecrow / Michael Connelly 432 p.

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