Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Leave Me:a Novel/ Gayle Forman/ 340 pages

Leave Me: a Novel written by Gayle Forman deals with an almost near death experience and it's impact on those around the patient.  Mary Beth is a busy New York working mother trying to keep umpteen balls in the air at once.  She feels her friend Elizabeth has moved on and her husband, Jason, does not appreciate all she does.  After ignoring chest pain for a day, Mary Beth finds herself in an ER with a diagnosis of heart attack.  She endures open heart surgery and comes home to recover.  But how does the mother of twin preschoolers possibly rest and recover?  Mary Beth runs away from home to Pittsburgh to rest and recuperate.  Along the way she makes some new friends, sorts out her feelings and learns how her husband truly feels about her.  He learns a few things along the way as well. This was an interesting read that any working mother could relate to.  It could be an eye opening read for the husband of a working mother.

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