Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Woman in Cabin 10 / Ruth Ware/ 355 pages

The Woman is Cabin 10, written by Ruth Ware is billed as a suspenseful and haunting novel.  While a good novel and interesting read, the suspense did not build as much as it I expected from the cover blurbs.  Lo Blacklock is assaulted in her apartment when she disrupts a thief.  With just a couple days to overcome her shock, she alienates her boyfriend, and is off on a job related cruise.  Is it her imagination or did Lo really hear a body go overboard from the cabin next door?  Where is the occupant of Cabin 10?  As Lo digs deeper she suddenly finds herself captive on the cruise ship.  Who is holding her there and why will surprise the reader.  The story ends nicely and will satisfy the reader.  Overall it's a good story that will keep the reader's attention.

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