Monday, August 15, 2016

The Magician's Lie/Greer Macallister/342 pgs.

It is 1905 in Waterloo, Iowa. The Amazing Arden (Ada Bates) has finished the show with her signature "Halved Man" illusion. Little does she know that later that evening a man will show up dead in the theatre she performed in, and that she is the number one suspect. Young policeman, Virgil Holt, comes across the fleeing illusionist, and takes her into custody. Being a small town, the police station is a one room affair--so Virgil and Ada are its only occupants. Ada has just the night to convince Virgil that she is innocent, and should be given her freedom. It's an engrossing tale, but the ending is somewhat disappointing. That being said, I would recommend it for its suspense, and unusual subject matter.

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