Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mr. Mercedes/Stephen King/437/Suspense Fiction

Loved it!  Loved it!  Loved it!  Thank you Mr. King, once again, for giving me characters that I will  remember for a long time.

William Hodges, a retired detective, or as our villain refers to him, "the ret det", is considering ending his life.  He lives alone, watching TV, and stares a great deal at his service revolver.  Until...he receives a letter from a past case that haunts him to this day..the Mercedes Killer.

The Mercedes Killer, otherwise known as Brady Hartfield, plowed through a group of people waiting in line for a job fair with a stolen Mercedes Benz.  Nine people were killed and many were injured.  Hodges and his partner were lead on the case, and unable to close it out.

When Bill receives the letter, he keeps it a secret from his old partner and goes back to the one loose thread that never made any sense: the owner of the stolen car, and the means by which Mr. Mercedes managed to gain access.  As Hodges'  investigation progresses, so the madness that drives Brady Hartfield grows.  Hartfield's original plan to help the "ret det" to permanently retire is replaced by something bolder and more public, something that would make his trick the Mercedes look positively innocent in comparison.

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