Friday, June 10, 2016

Rushed to the Altar / Jane Feather 450 p.

When no word comes from her brother after he is removed to London by his impoverished guardian/uncle/heir, Clarissa Astley goes to London.  While following her uncle through the seamier areas, she is caught by Jasper Sullivan, Earl of Blackwater who believes he has a prostitute on the prowl for his pocket contents.  He proposes as Clarissa fits his particular needs since his uncle will only include him in the will if he rescues a fallen woman and marrys her.  A steamy romance that introduces the Sullivan brothers.  The twists come as Jasper doesn't realize that Clarissa is the daughter of a prosperous merchant.

Book 1 of the Blackwater Brides
Rushed to the Altar / Jane Feather 450 p.

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