Sunday, May 1, 2016

The One You Love / Paul Pilkington / 312 pages

While Emma Holden is out celebrating her upcoming wedding with a hen party with her girlfriends, she receives a call from her brother, will, complaining that her fiancĂ©, Dan failed to arrive at the meeting place for his bachelor party.  He had gone to Emma's flat, but Dan was not answering the intercom.  When Em arrived and they entered the flat, they discovered Dan's brother, Richard, badly beaten and unconscious and Dan nowhere to be found.  Had Dan beaten his brother?  Where had he gone?  Had he been kidnapped?  Will and Em are determined to find out.  Emma  turns to a horror stalker from her past for answers and discovers far more than she bargained for.  This edge of your seat thriller's tension is magnified by the approaching wedding and all its obligations as well as Emma's career breakthrough.

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