Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cruel Intent / J. A. Jance / 340 pages

Ali Reynolds #3
Ex TV journalist Ali Reynolds is determined to host the family Thanksgiving this year, over the strenuous objections of her Sugar Loaf owning mother.  Some serious remodeling of her home is underway in preparation for the big event.  Unfortunately, Ali's contractor is arrested for murder of his wife.  He confesses innocence and Ali believes him.  Although his crew continues to work in his absence, Ali's remodel is sabotaged by the dead, cheating, embezzling wife.  An online dating site has enabled a serial killer to prey on unsuspecting cheating spouses.  The plot is fleshed out  by Ali's direction of a scholarship, her relationship with lawman Dave, her indomitable butler Leland, and her feisty mom.  As always, Jance has crafted a well-wrought page turner set in the desert Southwest and peopled it with interesting, believable characters.

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