Friday, May 27, 2016

The Little Black Wedding Dress / Lindi Peterson / 288 pgs

While Honey (yes, that's her name) is still grieving the death of her sister from cancer, Porter Landon (yes, that's his name), her former fiance, walks backs into her life to beg her to help him become a family with his teenager daughter and her baby son, Jet (I'm seriously not making up these names). Honey is not pleased with being drawn into her ex-fiance's family drama, but somehow allows herself to be dragged back into the life of the man who cheated on her and married someone else. Oh, and Honey owns a bridal shop and decides she wants to design a black wedding dress - because reasons.

Ok, so, I pretty much hated this book. In fact, this may be just one of the worst books I've ever read. Besides the implausibility that a woman in her mid-30s would go from despising the man who had cheated on her over 15 years before to (very suddenly) falling back in love with that man, I disliked the present tense writing, and Honey's wimpiness. I found it kind of boring - even the lady on the book cover looks bored and kind of disappointed with herself. Also, be prepared to be hit with the phrase "Legend has it that if you wear a black wedding dress, it's because you're pining for a lost love." If you read this book, you'll read that "legend" at least a dozen times throughout. For an inspirational romance, I didn't get much inspiration from it. I seriously believe it was categorized as such only because there's no hanky-panky involved.

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