Friday, May 27, 2016

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods / Rick Riordan / 320 pgs

I read Percy Jackson's Greek Gods to fulfill the #ReadHarder requirement to read a book for middle schoolers. This book makes me want to read the whole Percy Jackson series all over again. I love the way Riordan writes and was very pleased with the narrator of the audio book. He did a great job with the voices. In this book, Percy narrates tales from the Greek myths of the creation of the universe, down through the Titans, and all the way to the 12 Olympians. Each Olympian is detailed and Percy tells a few stories of each's deeds and misdeeds to give a feel on how each Olympian operates. Lots of humor throughout. If you're taking classical mythology, this book is a must, and I wish it was around when I took mythology in college. Obviously, this book is geared towards middle schoolers, so Percy tries to leave out as much of the naughty bits as possible, which is virtually impossible to do, so be careful if you're letting your kid read this.

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