Sunday, May 1, 2016

Submerged / Dani Pettrey / 278 pages

Alaskan Courage Series #1
Bailey Craig was abandoned by her parents and raised by her Aunt Agnes in Yancey, Alaska.  Her aunt owned and ran The Trading Post, specializing in Russian artifacts and history.  Bailey had fled Yancey and her checkered reputation ten years ago, determined never to return.  When her aunt is killed in a plane crash, however, she returns to tie up loose ends and return to her life and career in Oregon.  The plane crash that killed her aunt was not an accident and her death is one among many.  Aunt Agnes had uncovered clues to exiled Romanoff royalty and a submerged Russian church.  Bailey and Cole McKenna and his family rush against time to preserve the chain of evidence and to stop the killing.  This is a story of Russian presence in Alaska and the importance and life-changing reality of faith in awesome read!!...inspirational, romantic suspense.

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