Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Tangle of Knots / Lisa Graf / 230 pages

"It's the way we deal with what Fate hands us that defines who we are."  This is a delightful "novel of magic, mystery, and Talent with a capital T," with this universal categorical imperative.  We find interesting, well-defined characters who react and interact with their fate-given talents.  The talents themselves are most curious, and in some cases their desirability is somewhat dubious.  We have an emporium owner who steals and hoards talents, St. Anthony suitcases, an orphan who bakes cakes specific to each individual (with recipes included), a woman with a stroke, a former archaeologist who literally holds the key to the discovery of the century, and an intricately woven plot that ties all together in an eminently satisfying tale.

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