Sunday, May 15, 2016

If the Shoe Kills / Lynn Cahoon / 203 pages

"Spousal abuse happens in all families."  As a family law attorney Jill Gardner knew this to be true.  She'd seen her share of abused wives, trapped in the vicious cycle.  Now owner of Coffee, Books and More in a small coastal California town, Jill recognizes the syndrome in a local shop owner, Marie Jones.  Marie escaped her situation and her abusive husband claimed she had been kidnapped and a  ransom had been paid.  Marie remained missing.  Apparently Ted had hired a PI to find her and tracked her to the small town of South Cove.  When Ted is murdered, Jill is the one who finds the body and begins investigating the rude employment agency director.  She uncovers his wealthy roots, his wife, and an excellent motive for murder.  A dead rabbit is left on her doorstep to stop her snooping.  Loyal readers of the series will know this is impossible for Jill.

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