Monday, May 16, 2016

Crippled America / Donald Trump / 193 pgs

As promised, I've finished reading the other current book by a presidential candidate. This is a short one and I was easily able to finish it in less than 48 hours. As before, I am not going to give you my opinion on the book or its author, and rather just post what the book is about.

Essentially, Crippled America is a campaign manifesto, published just this past November, months after Trump announced his candidacy and even after the first two televised debates took place. Therefore, Trump is able to give his take on how the first few months of the presidential campaign is shaping up. His chapters deal with the media, his views on immigration reform, health care reform, tax reform, education reform, the military and ISIS, and the economy as a whole. He includes pictures of himself growing up and many of his Trump Towers and other holdings, but this isn't an autobiography, unlike Cruz's A Time for Truth. So, if you are looking for Trump's views on politics, this is a starting point, but if you want an autobiography, you probably need to find his The Art of the Deal which I have yet to read myself.

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