Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Collection, a Registry Novel / Shannon Stoker / 353 pages

In book 1 of this trilogy, Amelia Morrissey and her friends Andrew and Carter had managed to escape Mia's new, cruel husband, Grant.  After the helicopter crash that killed Carter's father, they are adrift in the water along the coast of Mexico.  Andrew and Carter are abducted by the drug-running Mexican Militia, brainwashed, and forcibly inducted into the corps.  Mia is rescued by an Irish intelligence operative.  Together they hatch a plan to rescue Carter and Andrew and escape to Guatemala and contact a group sympathetic to run away Americans.  Affinity's main priorities are "to close the Registry and stop mandatory service, and take the government out of the picture and put the country back into the people's hands."  Meanwhile back home, Grant Marsden is being groomed as the next grand commander of America and is determined to reclaim his that he can kill her himself.  Mia is willing to sacrifice a calm, comfortable life with Affinity to bring down The Registry and all it represents.  This thriller is an excellent psychological suspense, rife with adventure, tough decisions, and complex loyalties.

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