Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Soaring Eagle/ Stephanie Grace Whitson / 297 p

     This is book 2 of the Prairie Winds trilogy.  It involves Jesse's daughter Lisbeth and her life after her husband's death.  Lisbeth has lost her husband and her mother within weeks of each other and she is lost and central to the book, lost from God.  This story is her road back to faith and re-connecting with others.  Her half brother Soaring Eagle is also disconnected and lost in a changing world.  The late 1800's was not good for Native Americans as they were forced to reservations.  Sitting Bull took his people to Canada (and that didn't end well).  Soaring Eagle ends up alone and finally comes to the Santee Reservation.  This is a better book than the first one although there is much more religious thought in it.  Many Christian novels preach and this one is no different.  Still, I would recommend it to readers whether Christian, seeker, or other. 

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