Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Darkness More than Night / Michael Connelly 418 p.

Darkness More than Night / Michael Connelly 418 p.
Harry Bosch makes his seventh appearance in this police procedural that is set in L.A. Bosch's dedication looks to pay off as he is the star witness in the trial of Hollywood director David Storey accused of the murder of a young beautiful actress during sex. Terry McCaleb, retired federal criminal profiler, unofficially agrees to consult when leads for the tortured killing of a man Bosch believes whole heartedly murdered a prostitute years ago falter. McCaleb lives up to his reputation when he discovers a lead involving a Hieronymus Bosch, a Early Netherlandish painter. Connelly keeps both plots moving along loaded with twists keep the reader in suspense as he reveals the connection between the two cases.

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