Wednesday, March 30, 2016

View from Mount Joy / Lorna Landvik 358 p.

Joe Andreson and his widowed mother come to Minneapolis for work.  Joe is entranced by Kristi Casey, head cheerleader.  She is quite the temptress (notice she makes this quite a steamy novel).  Quite the opposite is friend Darva.  Both put quite a spin on his life.  In his youth, he didn't see him owning and managing Haugland Foods.  Life has a way of doing that.  His random act of kindness sparks a pivotal turn in his life.   Offering prizes to his customers give a sparkle to grocery shopping and a kind way to help those in need.  There are several unexpected returns like when his poetry contest introduces his best friend's widowed mother to her future husband; and an apple pie price to his future wife.  A homespun story with humor and joy.
View from Mount Joy / Lorna Landvik 358 p.

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