Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hyacinth Girls / Lauren Frankel / 295 pages

"Do you know where your children are?  Do you know who they are?  Do you know what they are capable of?  Is there time to save them?"  Bullying...It's not just teenagers, or bad little kids.  It's everywhere, in everything.  It's adults as much as us, on TV, in the movies, politicians, comedians."  "It was a thousand times worse when a friend hurt you, when the person who claimed to love you suddenly lied and treated you like garbage.  Without her, you lost your bearings.  You lost your trust in everything."  Obviously, Hyacinth Girls is about a pervasive blight on civilization - bullying.  Thirteen year old Callie has been through enough, having lost both her parents.  Now she is caught in a vicious web which she herself helped construct.  Rebecca has devoted her entire life to raising Callie and now becomes inextricably caught in the web.  Told through alternating voices, Hyacinth Girls portrays the possibility of evil residing in each of us and its destructive consequences.

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