Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fairest / Marissa Meyer / 220 pgs

I just finished listening to Fairest, and loved it almost as much as the previous three books in Meyer's Lunar Chronicles. The reason why I say "almost as much" is mainly just due to the fact that it was completely heart wrenching. Hearing about the tragedy that strikes Queen Levana makes the reader pity the character, but how Levana justifies her horrible behavior and actions makes the reader equally hate her too. This makes for a disturbing book, short though as it was - the book is really a novella. However, the book is a must read if you want to understand the motivations of the Queen of Luna.

After her parents, the King and Queen of Levana are assassinated, Levana is the teenage younger sister of the cruel, new Queen Channery, who was responsible for causing Levana's disfigurement. This causes Levana to always be conscious of her appearance. At the same time, her love for a royal guard goes unrequited. What Levana does in response will affect her for the rest of her life. 

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