Sunday, March 6, 2016

Angel's Burning / Tawni O'Dell / 279 pages

"In this masterfully told psychological thriller, the past and present collide to reveal the extent some will go to escape their fate, and in turn, the crimes committed to push them back to where they began."  Dove Carnahan, police chief in the rural Pennsylvania countryside, must investigate the brutal beating death and burning of a young girl.  Her investigation takes her to the Truly household which defines dysfunctional.  The man imprisoned for Dove's and her sister Nealy's mother's death has been released from prison and is determined to convince authorities that he was innocent of the murder.  Dove's brother leaves his young son at Dove's and once again becomes a missing person.  As the stories unfold and intertwine, the reader is astounded at the compassion, tenacity, and devotion to justice of one most unusual law enforcement officer.

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