Monday, February 8, 2016

Stars of Fortune/Nora Roberts/314 pgs.

Six strangers are drawn to the Greek island of Corfu--and to each other. By the powers that be, they are brought together to find the first of three stars: the fire star. They need to find it before Narezza, the Mother of Darkness, finds and recovers it. With it, and the other two stars, Narezza, Mother of Darkness, would be able to rule the world. It is up to Sasha Riggs, Bran Killian, Riley Gwin, Sawyer King, Annika Waters, and Doyle McCleary to find the fire star, and put a kink in Narezza's plans. Each of them brings a different power to the table, and untold secrets. This is the first installment in the "The Guardians Trilogy," and is similar to other Nora Robert "fantasy" trilogies.

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