Monday, February 8, 2016

Lost Tudor Princess: The Life of Lady Margaret Douglas/ Alison Weir/ 536pages

The Lost Tudor Princess: The Life of Lady Margaret Douglas written by Alison Weir is a biography of Lady Margaret Douglas, niece of Henry VIII and contender for the English and Scottish thrones.  Weir traces Margaret's life through detailed written documentation including poetry and letters.  Included in the book are maps, photos, and family trees.  Margaret was the daughter of Henry VIII's youngest sister.  Aware of her place in the royal family tree Margaret spends most of her life manipulating marriage contracts for both herself and her children to her advantage.  This activity lands her in the Tower of London on more than one occasion.  Unfortunately, Margaret does not live long enough to see her grandson, King James VI of Scotland elevated to James I of England.  The books includes experts of letters and poems to support the author's take on Margaret's life.  It does not deal in depth with the daily life of Elizabethan England.  On the whole it was an enjoyable read about a less known Tudor even though some area's bog down with documentation.  For more info click here to visit the SCCCLD website.

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