Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse / Joseph Marshall III / 143 pages

     In this children's fiction, the author tells biographical information about Crazy Horse in story form within a framework of a story about a boy on the Rosebud Reservation.  Jimmy is a Native American who, like many today, has light colored hair and fair complexion.  He is bullied for not looking "Indian enough" which is an actual problem not only for Native Americans, but for any minority of mixed blood who doesn't "look dark enough". 
     Jimmy doesn't want to fight with the two bullies and it has made school practically unbearable.  His grandfather takes him on a journey in the summer to many spots on the trail of Crazy Horse.  Crazy Horse was also a lighter Indian although his heritage other than Native American is not known.  There are also no actual photos of Crazy Horse.  He was, however, a great warrior known for innovative tactics which is how he defeated the army including Col. Custer at Greasy Grassy.  The story also tells of how Crazy Horse was murdered.
     The frame for the story was pretty basic since the purpose was to follow the travel of Crazy Horse like a history travel trip.  There is a map included so it would be a great trip to take and a really good book to read with kids so they can learn about real history that is missed in school.  Recommended.

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