Saturday, February 6, 2016

SCCCLD December, January and February Challenge

Important update!
Bonus points for this challenge can only be earned during:

DecemberJanuary and February 

We are changing the format of our challenges to give you more time to get in those bonus points!  That could be helpful for this challenge.

December, January and February Challenge

Find a book title that contains the letters to spell the words red and green.  

Sounds easy doesn't it?  
It took me awhile to find one:
Evil Breeding: A Dog Lover's Mystery, 
by Susan Conant.

It cannot be the actual word, red or green, in the title.  You can only use each letter once.

Have fun, you have three months to complete this challenge.

To help tally bonus points, please label your challenge books with  SCCCLD Challenge Winter

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