Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Food: A Love Story / Jim Gaffigan / 340 pgs

I have loved Jim Gaffigan ever since I was introduced to him in college about five years ago. I watched him joke about Hot Pockets, Cinnabon, bacon, and cheese and could not stop laughing. I will admit that I have yet to read Dad is Fat but when I realized I needed to read a food memoir for the #ReadHarder challenge I've been doing, I went straight for this book.

I don’t know much about grammar, but I think kale salad is what they call a “double negative.”

Gaffigan does not miss a thing. He wrote a book that touches on every single food item you can think of, and a lot you probably did not. His scope goes from talking about food from different areas of the country (yes, he does talk about St. Louis style pizza and toasted ravioli) to all the different food categories out there (fruit, vegetables, seafood, breakfast foods, fast food, even crackers). Even when you don't agree with him - how can anyone hate seafood? - you still can't help but crack up.

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