Sunday, February 14, 2016

Burning Nation / Trent Reedy / 417 pages / Scary Book Challenge

This trilogy is eerily pertinent and reflective of our current state of affairs.  We are told our Missouri driver's licenses will not longer be valid forms of ID in US airports in two years.  We must now have a federally sanctioned ID. We have patriots in the West taking a stand against an overreaching Bureau of Land Management.  In book one, Divided We Stand, a National Guard private fresh from basic and ready to enjoy his senior high school year playing football, loving his girl, and protecting his mom, ignites a conflagration when he accidentally shoots someone during a demonstration over the new federally mandated ID cards.  The governor is determined to protect the Idaho Guard and Danny Wright.  His refusal to co-operate leads to a federal blockade of the state and armed conflict.  In book two, Danny and fellow guard soldiers, and Danny's best friends are on the run and hiding in a bunker under Danny's uncle Schmidty's garage.  All Danny ever wanted was to live his normal life and serve his country.
This would be an excellent read to spur current event/moral/ethical discussions.

"Tyrants always use fear and uncertainty to rise to power in times of chaos."
"The difference between terrorists and soldiers are the targets they choose."

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