Sunday, January 17, 2016

Random Violence / Jassy Mackenzie / 288 pages

Jade de Jong has returned to Johannesburg, South Africa after a ten year hiatus.  She has returned to murder a murderer soon to be released from prison.  Two wealthy farm brothers brutally murdered several of their hired help and Jade's father had amassed a file of evidence against them.  Unfortunately, the brothers' money is able to buy corruption; her father is killed in a suspicious accident; and his briefcase disappears.  When a dirty cop, who was in the car in which her father died, attempts to kill Jade, she kills him is self defense.  She believes the Viljoen brothers to be the driving force.  Upon her return, she is drawn into a suspicious death investigation and a former romance.  The death segues to multiple murders and corruption, and the romance to a flickering flame.

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