Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beach Town / Mary Kay Andrews / 434 pages

Greer Hennessey is a movie location scout whose career is in jeopardy.  She must find a picture perfect undiscovered beach hideaway for a big budget movie.  After her plane sets down in Panama City, the reader is treated to a brief, nostalgic trip along highways 98 and 30, as she rejects Panama City, Destin, Seaside, Mexico Beach...and settles on Cypress Key.  The town is perfect!  The script calls for an explosion in an iconic building and the town has a building that fits the bill.  Unfortunately, the town mayor/city engineer is opposed to its demolition.  As Greer wrestles to do her job, she falls for the mayor...and he for her.  Greer rediscovers her father whom she hasn't seen for thirty years, and realizes that family trumps career.  Although the resolution is a might too smooth, it is abundantly satisfying, and reference to the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard is certainly timely.

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