Saturday, January 23, 2016

Millennium Snow (vol.1) / Bisco Hatori / 204 pgs

Chiyuki Matsuoka is a seventeen year old girl who has a fatal heart condition and can die any moment.  She has spent her life going in and out of hospitals and her doctors fear she is near the end.

 However, on one fateful day Chiyuki meets a mysterious teenage Vampire named Toya, who claims to hate humans, yet keeps showing up to spend time with Chiyuki.  Even though Toya is at times rude and pushes Chiyuki away so as not to get to close; Chiyuki is persistent (read: Stalkerish) in sticking around and being friends.  This gets to the crazy-sauce point when Toya yells at Chiyuki to "Leave me Alone", and Chiyuki with a very large smile responds, "I won't, I'll never leave you alone."

Oh yeah, and by the end of the book another handsome Teenage boy, who happens to be a werewolf, takes an interest in Chiyuki just to stir things up.  Typical Shojo fare, we'll see if this series can dig itself out of the usual paranormal romance genre stereotypes.  But I am not holding my breath.

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