Saturday, January 23, 2016

Eleanor & Park / Rainbow Rowell / 328 pgs

Eleanor comes from the "wrong side of the tracks", with an alcoholic & abusive step-father, a submissive/passive mother, and three younger siblings who she has to protect and look out for.  Park on the other hand, comes from a stable & loving middle class family who emphasize maintaining good grades and appearances.   The two form an unlikely, but ultimately a strong friendship through the course of the school year.

What I loved about the book is that even though Eleanor's situation was desperate and sad to read about; it seemed realistic (not over the top) and gives readers a chance to experience what a rough childhood could look like.  I also just loved Park, he is just a nice guy in this story.  He is able to put up with Eleanor's crazy life and emotional swings, and he tries to understand her.  A great lesson for Teens on what real love and friendship looks like.

YA Gateway Award Nominee 2015-2016

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