Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter / Marissa Meyer / 827 pages / Sept. Challenge Adventure Story Set Outisde the U. S.

After 126 years of peace, the Earthen Union headed by Emperor Kaito was unprepared to wage a war...but wage one they must as they are under attack by the Lunar Queen Levana.  Kai was doomed to marry the Queen but his kidnapping interrupted the wedding.  Kai feels compelled to honor his vow as earth still needs her Letumosis antidote.  The setting shifts from earth to Luna for this thrilling conclusion to The Lunar Chronicles.  Favorite fairy tale characters are easily recognizable and their refashioning along with their stories are an amazing counterpoint to the wickedly violent, well-plotted adventure/thriller.  This world created by Marissa Meyer is quite simply ingenious!!

"Hope was a coward's tool."
"Some people might say that doing the right thing is reward in itself...but those people die poor and destitute, so who cares what they think."

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