Sunday, December 20, 2015

White Space / Ilsa J. Bick / 551 pages / Oct.- Nov. Challenge Scary

This is a most unusual, captivating, keep-you-up-at-night book.  Emma has definitely had more than her fair share of problems.  Metal plates in her head testify to former, critical injuries which may be responsible for these weird blinks she has - "stretches of half-remembered time when her mind seems to bleed into other lives."  Now she is in trouble for writing a story called "White Space" for class.  She is accused of more than plagiarism.  She is accused of the impossible.  Are the character in her story about kids stranded in spooky house during a blizzard real?  If they are, can they escape?  Who is orchestrating this bizarre story?  Is it Lizzie, the daughter of the deceased author who penned the original story and pulled dark forces from a Dickens mirror?  This edge-of-your-seat story will inspire contemplation of the written work and its power over mind and man/woman.

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