Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pretty Girls / Karin Slaugbhter / 396 pages / Scary October-November Challenge

Claire's architect husband, Paul, designed their starkly modern beautiful house and pool "to be beautiful, not usable.  If there was a better metaphor for their lives, Claire didn't know what it was."  She knew she loved her husband.  He was her staunchest defender when she was arrested for assault with a tennis racket.  When she and Paul are attacked and robbed in an alley, Claire's whole life is turned upside down.  Could her deceased husband have embezzled money from his company?  Could he possibly be involved in the rapes, tortures, and murders of seven, or eight, or nine missing girls?  Is he really dead?  This is a seat of your pants thriller, filled with enough twists and turns to make you reach for your Dramamine.

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