Sunday, December 6, 2015

Haunted Rectory: the Saint Francis Xavier Chruch Hooker / Katherine Valentine / 277 pages / Scary October-November Challenge

The rectory at St. Francis Xavier Church in Bend Oaks is is also haunted! The home was built by the wealthy Whitcomb family as a wedding gift for their son, but the son died his first night in the house and the house was boarded up.  At least one priest died while residing there and towoothers left during the night.  Fr. Stevens was the last resident and had drafted several alterations to the parish grounds.  The bishop has requested that Fr. Rich serve as interim pastor on a more permanent basis.  Fortunately Fr. Rich has experience with exorcism.  He will need it.  A hookers group - rug hookers, that drawn into the horror.  The rectory is their meeting place to hook and gossip.  The characters in this spellbinding horror story are will-drawn, believable, and empathy inspiring.

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