Sunday, December 6, 2015

Haunted on Bourbon Street / Deanna Chase / 574 pages / Scary October-November Challenge

Jade Calhoun has moved to New Orleans fresh from Idaho.   She is an empath and her ability to read other people's emotions has precipitated the break up with her long term boyfriend, Dan.  Dan has moved on to Kat, stressing the best friend bond between Kat and Jade.  Jade has moved into the apartment above a strip club owned by one Kane who is much more than he seems.  The strip club is haunted by more than one ghost and Jade picks up one additional haunt.  We have dreamwalkers, ghost hunters, a mortal angel, and a plethora of other paranormal gifts and people.  The suspense, while not quite edge-of-your-seat, is engaging and the sexual tension/friendship theme and victories of strong women over evil men make this a most worthy read.

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