Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bliss House / Laura Benedict / 446 pages / Scary October-November Challenge

This is a perfect atmospheric piece to fulfill a horror/scary book challenge.  Attempting to escape memories of the horrible explosion at their house in St. Louis (Kirkwood/St. Charles), Rainey Bliss Adams and her fourteen year old daughter, Ariel, move to the lush Amish farmlands and orchards of Old Gate, Virginia.  Rainey's husband was killed in the explosion and Ariel was badly burned.  The Bliss House was built in 1878 and the Bliss family had lived there for over a century.  But all is not right with the house.  The previous owner apparently went mad and killed his wife.  The house has an odd effect on many people, but especially on Ariel, who has begun having visions and hearing voices.  The night of the Bliss open house, a woman falls to her death from the balcony.  Is it suicide or murder?  Horrible secrets are revealed in the ensuing investigation that change the lives of everyone involved.

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