Monday, December 28, 2015

Bury Your Dead/ Louise Penny/ 371 pages

Bury your dead /Bury Your Dead written by Louise Penny is the sixth book in the Inspector Gamache series.  The book opens with a crime in progress.  Something goes terribly wrong.  The story jumps forward to Quebec City during winter carnival.  Gamache is there to rest and recuperate from injuries that have taken 'place off stage'.  Inspector Beauvoir is sent to Three Pines to re-investigate a murder that Gamache had previously solved.  While in Quebec City Gamache lends his assistance to solve the murder of an amateur historian looking for Champlain's body.  Why he was in the English Literary and Historical Society and who murdered him become the puzzle that Gamache solves.  The reader will enjoy the three stories interwoven in this book.  Bit by bit the events in the 'off stage' crime are revealed by Gamache and Beauvoir in flashback and narrative form.  All this takes place while trying to find the body of Champlain and free Olivier.  For more information and read a-likes see the SCCCLD website.

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