Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Thousand Names: Book 1 of the Shadow Campaigns / Django Wexler / 513 pgs

  I love a good epic fantasy. Something that I can lose myself in and forget about the world. Unfortunately I haven't found a well-written one in a while. But I have now. And it is just awesome.   
 Captain Marcus D'Ivoire has been in the desert country of Khandar for a while looking for a way home. His forces have just been routed in an unexpected uprising and they are encamped in a small fort overlooking the ocean. Marcus has just received orders that a new colonel is on the way.
  Winter Ihernglass is just trying to be unnoticed. The platoon's sergeant has a way of 'helping' his soldiers along that leave bruises. When summoned to the new colonel's tent and receiving a field promotion, Winter must try to find the strength to lead the men against impossible odds. These are only two of several story lines through out the book.
  There is a feel of old style swashbuckling with swords and muskets but also the use of magic has added a different texture. This is a book that would appeal to the military/adventure reader who loves tactics and the thrill of battle. Then there is the fantasy element with the supernatural abilities of the Steel Ghost, what are the 'thousand names' and what about the priestess who saves Winter's life. I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and look forward to reading the second one. I did listen to this and heartily recommend it to you. The narrator is Richard Poe and he gives everyone a distinct voice so the characters remain recognizable. It is 18 discs but once you get started, time will fly by.

6 Degrees of Reading: Prince of Fools (The Red Queen's War by Mark Lawrence, The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Thieves) by Scott Lynch, Theft of Swords (Vol 1) by Michael J. Sullivan.

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