Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Burning Air / Erin Kelly / 321pgs / Thriller / Horror

  I was drawn to this book by a review I had found on a blog. The author was talking about books that stayed with him long after it had been finished. This guy was right. Burning Air creeped me out so much that I can't remember it without a shudder.
  The MacBride family is a well-positioned part of Saxby University. They are respected within the community and people look to them for leadership. Then there is Darcy, a small awkward boy who has been tutored by his mother in the hopes of making it into the University on scholarship. Their future depends upon him. Then the unthinkable happens: Darcy isn't given the scholarship and his life is changed forever.
  The book is divided into several narrators. We have Lydia, Sophie, Darcy, Rowan who bring a different view point to the events. What happens to one character is viewed differently by others and interpreted yet again by someone else. This brings the horror of what Darcy does and plans to do to a new level of uncomfortableness. Darcy dedicates his life to bringing the MacBride family to his brand of justice and he goes about it with compelling malevolence.
  There were several times I wanted to stop reading. I was completely unnerved by what Darcy did with his life. He was totally unemotional and amoral about everything. All his energy was directed toward the completion of his goal. A totally unsympathetic character. Anyone who wants a read that needs all the lights on for several days this is it.

6 Degrees of Reading: The House at Midnight by Lucie Whitehouse, The Good Girl by Mary Kubica, The Silent Wife by A.S. Harrison.

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