Monday, November 2, 2015

The Day She Died / Catriona McPherson / 301 pages

The Day She Died is a suspense novel written by Catriona McPherson.  The reader meets Jessie as she extracts herself from a cupboard.  Jessie has an unusual phobia, the fear of feathers.  Jessie Constable comforts and aids Gus when his wife, Becky, leaves him.  Later, but not as late as Gus would like, Becky's body and car are found in the river.  Coupled with the note she left behind, it appears to be a suicide.  Jessie finds herself pulled into Gus's life in a way she would not have anticipated.  But why does something seem so wrong?  Set in Scotland, this is a fairly dark suspense story that includes abusive, child abuse, and mystery.  For more information and read-a-likes check out the SCCCLD website.

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