Sunday, November 29, 2015

Love and Other Foreign Words / Erin McCahan / 331 pages

Josie Sheridan, fifteen of Bexley, Ohio, needs some love experience.  If she doesn't gain any soon, she won't be able to prevent her sister, Kate, from making the worst mistake of her life.  Josie doesn't like her sister's fianc√©, Geoffrey Stephen Brink.  She believes he will disrupt the harmony of her close-knit family.  She was a surprise menopause baby, much younger than her two older sisters.  She is also extremely gifted and is attending high school and college concurrently, as is her best friend, Stu. Josie is a member of the volleyball and track teams and a frequent visitor at Stu's Wagemaker home on her same street.  Josie is determined to discover the true meaning of love...and discovers that is much closer...and easier, than she thought.

"There is something heroic, inexplicable, and other-worldly in every love story."
"Knowing the local language is always the first step to blending in."
"I like to think of human beings as coming from some divine vending machine."

Gateway Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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