Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Lure of the Moonflower / Lauren Willig / 475 pages

     This is unfortunately the last of the Pink Carnation Series.  The story comes full circle with Jane aka the Pink Carnation being the main character of the book.  She teams up with  Jack Reid the unlikely hero.  He has been cast in past books as an angry, half-cast mercenary who changes sides between the French and the British.  He is also the "Moonflower" and the one who stole the jewels of Berar.  Can he be trusted?  Can anything possibly develop between Jane and Jack?  What new things do we find out about Jane?  This book ties up all the ends wonderfully well.  L. Willig could, however, easily write more books as there are easily more characters who have stories to tell.  Unfortunately, she is writing other books now.  My advice is to read the entire series in order to enjoy each character as they are introduced.  They will move in and out of the novels so they aren't just mentioned in one book.  Very amusing series. 

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