Sunday, October 11, 2015

Falls the Shadow / Stefanie Gaither / 341 pages / Scary Story, October Challenge

"It was easier to shout hate than understanding, since you don't have to think about hate as hard."  The protesters were vocal in their condemnation of Mayor Benson and the entire  Huxley Corporation.  They opposed the cloning of the mayor's recently deceased daughter, Violet, Catelyn's sister.  Both daughters had been cloned at have replacements...just in case.  War had desecrated her parents' childhood, left the world a radically altered place, and left permanent scars on her mother.  Catelyn Benson had drawn into herself and tried to be unobtrusive whenever possible.  When her older sister, Violet, dies and her clone is activated, Cate and her family are thrown into a media frenzy.  When a local girl, Samantha Voss, is found dear near the old railroad tracks and Violet has gone missing, she (Violet) is suspected of murder.  Cate determines to find her sister and becomes embroiled in a war between CCA, an organization opposed to cloning, and the Huxley Corporation, which is about much more than replacements.  Thank goodness Cate has Jaxon...and Seth...and Violet.
This is an extraordinarily fast-paced thriller.  Rich characterization and a multiplicity of quotable quotes on friendship, family, sibling ties, trust lend depth to a story with a profound theme.  This one is just too good to miss!!

"Family isn't just about blood; it's about who comes to your side and who stays there without flinching even when everything goes to hell."
"Most of the things that are bad in this world started off as someone's idea of good."
"More evil has been done in the name of righteousness than for any other reason."
"Desperation can make a person do unthinkable things...and war can make you unbelievably desperate."
"When you hold things too tightly, you end up crushing them and losing them anyway."

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